Abbeylands Team Ministry

The Abbeylands Team Ministry is a group of three Anglican parishes serving Kirkstall, Horsforth, Hawksworth Wood and Moor Grange.

Rev. Nigel Sinclair – Team Rector

St. Margaret‘s Vicarage, Hall Park Avenue, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5LY
T 0113 258 2481.

Rev. Stephen Kaye – Team Vicar
with particular responsibility for St Stephen’s, St Mary’s and St Andrew’s
St Mary’s Vicarage, Cragside Walk, Hawksworth Wood, Leeds LS5 3QE
T 07375 125348




Mission Priest vacant

John Porter (St Margaret’s) T 0113 258 4854
Dee Hewitt (St Mary’s) T 0113 278 6450

Eunice Glover – Team Administrator
T 0113 258 1719

St Stephen’s Church Hall
Norman Street off Morris Lane, Kirkstall LS5 3JN
For rates and availability please contact
Lydia Collings      M 07497 893 549

St Margaret‘s Parish Centre
Church Lane, Horsforth LS18 5LA
For rates and availability please contact
Jan Smith          M 07982 092 573